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Roof membrane by formTL
Architectural students at the Tokyo University of Science developed an experimental, extremely lightweight, load-bearing structure for a temporary pavilion. The 26-metre-long, up to 7,5-metre-wide and 4,25-metre-high volume is self-supporting and comprises only two kinds of component: the metal bearing elements and a space-enclosing skin consisting of an 0,7-mm membrane of elastic polyester fabric.  MOOM Tensegritic Membrane Structure (Noda) by Kazuhiro Kojima
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Holland Park School,Courtesy of Aedas
C+A coelacanth and associates - MOOM | arisumisa
The four fabric “sails” of the convention center entry echo the sailboat masts and rigging in nearby Puerto Vallarta harbor. Photo courtesy of Lonas Lorenzo Arquitectura Textil.
tensegrity paso a paso - Buscar con Google
Structure en toile tendue #architecture #toile
Cubierta para el Patio Carré des Arts in Mons / AgwA + Ney & Partners
A bookshelf wall bathed in white light | Grangegorman Residence, Dublin | ODOS architects