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10 Friends Memes! #6 Friends Know How To Have Fun

Lmfao this is just too funny. I can't relate right now but I wish a had a me to maze myself back in 2013 lmao

yesterday he put on his story, "idk whose girlfriend to fuck today, shit" and today he put a meme that said "out here on a Wednesday tryna get my dick sucked" tbh I'm playing myself

However, when it comes to exams, Google can’t help you. | Community Post: 15 Painfully Real Pictures Only Students Will Understand

However, when it comes to exams, Google can't help you.

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Lol hopefully that doesn't happen to me if I try it.

I had a friend who did this once and they had the exact response, "abort mission!" I've also tried this with the same exact ending, except no picture was taken because I couldn't get one without the idiot looking.

Hehe so I guess I'm not alone huh? I mean, I don't do that what r u talking about!

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