Who Are You In The “Deadpool” Movie?      You got: Deadpool      Aw, yeah! You’re the MERC WITH A MOUTH! You’re the star of the movie, and have WON this quiz. Good work!

Who Are You In The "Deadpool" Movie?

I got Deadpool! Who Are You In The "Deadpool" Movie? I have not seen the movie yet

(. -Joan castle ME WHEN a so called special new report about trump or Hillary comes on. Thanks wade ! )

my mom won't let me see this movie bc my brother informed her of the damn rating - FunSubstance

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"Soy Deadpool, te divierto esta noche con mis imágenes" - Imágenes

Guys, I think my older cousin won at life. He's taking his girlfriend to watch Deadpool tonight.

Deadpool Wishes You a Happy Valentine's Day.

With the Deadpool movie opening in theaters on Valentine's Day weekend, it's only appropriate that Deadpool wishes you a happy Valentine's Day.

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