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my perfect guy would...

The perfect first date includes an unplanned adventure, laughter, possibly a trip to the ER for some stupid, non-lethal injury, and a million happy memories.

He said, I love you, first - I win! =)

He better make the first move. Cuz I'm stubborn and hurt and heart broken. And we'll prolly never be together unless he works hard to break me and break through me. Cuz I know I'll want nothing to do with guys forever and ever after my last relationship

Haha yeah, we've been doing this a lot lately, gotta try to save $!

Go Grocery Shopping Together ✔️ 22 July K and I always go together but this time took the munchkin along who insisted on pushing the trolley- super cute

This is something I ATEMPT to do lol.  Derek is very patient with me because I'm awful at almost all video games. However,  this a lesson to all girls, guys don't care if your good at video games or if you'll make them lose if you play and your awful, all they truly care about is that you just spend the time with him trying something he loves, after all the countless shopping trips and stuff he does just for you :)

win my heart - Play video games with me I need to find that guy - or rather, that guy needs to find me!