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the difference between Taekook and Jikook ^^ damn it Jungkook why you gotta play me like that?

Sigh.....why can't he just be my husbands

The moment when your parents didn't buy you the toy you want so your bro did TTuTT XD

Lol its not a selca unless you take it yourself tho...

Awwwww omo these are my favourite pics of tae and aww my taekook feels

The behind story of i need u > prologue >run > epilogue. It will make…

~ KPOP MEMES I ~ - Vkook Vmin

I think it's about him dieing and (I'm forgetting there names) orange haired boy is trying to comfort they guy in the brown jacket

Remember when Jimin was taller than Namjoon

Thoughtful leader BTS Rapmon Jimin i love you rapmonster thanks for jimin my husband insta: b.

I ship this so much its not even funny

Letters to my bias [book 2]

Vkook moment | V | Jungkook

Lee 👀· de la historia ·♡Reasons to shipp Vkook♡· por xSharux (xS h a r ux) con 759 lecturas.

MEMES DE BTS - ✨87✨ - Wattpad


Read from the story MEMES DE BTS by Ktxebae (イチゴ) with reads.

BTS!! #memes

Bts Memes

Creo que el título lo dice todo # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad