James+Gurney+Garden+of+Hope (674×1024)

James Gurney -- Garden of Hope, 1995 (Illustration for Dinotopia: The World Beneath). Courtesy of the artist and the Norman Rockwell Museum.

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Distance by NateHallinanArt on DeviantArt

scifiarchitect: “Nate Hallinan Concept Artist - Finisher - Matte Painter – Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2017 ”

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Ethiopian Pegasus, Mythology Magic & Fantasy I really like the different take on pegasus from another part of the world.

The many species of Cryptids inhabiting Neotellus each worship a variety of gods akin to those that exist on Earth. Most, however, only believe in one- Gabriel. Copyright © 2012 Applibot, Inc. / Legend of the Cryptids