Strawberry Pretzel Salad I'm trying this using whole cranberry sauce and raspberry and lemon jello plus a little crushed pineapple for Thanksgiving.

Strawberry Pretzel Salad

One of my favorites, pretzel Jell-o salad. Pretzel crust spread with a mixture of cream cheese and Cool Whip, topped with strawberry Jell-o and strawberries.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Pretzel Jello, this stuff is so good! #foods #recipes

I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING Raspberry Cream Cheese Pretzel Jello ~ Wow! The buttery pretzel crust really makes this treat unique. It has three different layers of texture and flavor, making this dessert ultra-savory. link to recipe on page

Strawberry Pretzel Jell-O salad. Delish!

Strawberry Pretzel Jello Salad

Strawberry Pretzel Jello Salad - new Thanksgiving Jello recipe to attempt. Mom and I love making new Jello dishes on holidays :)


Best of Recipe: RASPBERRY VANILLA JELLO SALAD. Could also use strawberry yogurt and add strawberries (and bananas if you like) instead of raspberries. Endless possibilities of yogurt flavors and fruit choices. Could sugar free this recipe!

Raspberry Pretzel Jello Salad. Can also be made with strawberry.  mmmmm.....salty and sweet!!!! We love this at family gatherings!

Raspberry Pretzel Jello Salad

Raspberry Jello Salad with Pretzel Crust. My step mom Tina used to make this with strawberry jello. It is sooo yummy.

Raspberry Pretzel Jello Salad/Dessert Recipe | Six Sisters' Stuff

Raspberry Pretzel Jello Salad/Dessert

Six Sisters Stuff: Raspberry Pretzel Jello Salad/Dessert Recipe. A perfect spring/summer treat! I have also had strawberry which is just as good.and you layer fresh cut strawberries in the jello!

Raspberry Vanilla Jello Salad

Raspberry Vanilla Jello Salad

Recipe for Raspberry Vanilla Jello Salad -Literally takes 2 minutes to make and can be eaten immediately after box instant vanilla pudding, 32 oz vanilla yogurt, 8 oz cool whip (unthawed), 1 pkg frozen raspberries

Amazing Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Recipe you definitely need to try!

Amazing Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Recipe you definitely need to try!

Grandmas old Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Salad recipe! I love the mix of sweet and salty on this one! Perfect for a hot summer day!