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Toilet paper holder

Spooky Toilet Paper Holder Halloween is coming! Are You Ready! This bony fellows grinning every time the papers spinning. Spooky toilet paper holder is a most unexpected addition to your bathroom; a daring decorators dream come true!

Sandy art

Facehugger wine glass, beautiful We need two unique glasses for us to toast with

This is really cool! Cthulhu, Octopus, Squid,

beautiful, bottle, ocean, octopus, sea- Something to keep your Kraken Rum in - Sculpture by Elstwhen.

cactus et tête de mort

Turquoise Blue Skull Planter - perfect for cactus succulent or air plant


Anatomically Correct Chairs These chairs combine Victorian furniture design with human skeletons, designed by Sam Edkins, called "Anatomically Correct" seats. For price, they are not cheap, each chair costs

De toutes les vanités, la plus vaine c’est l’homme. Montaigne

VANITAS [noun] in art, a genre of still-life painting that flourished in the Netherlands in the early century. A vanitas painting contains collections of objects symbolic of the inevitability of.

Painted skull, Bavaria, Germany

Goth: A painted skull, Bavaria, Germany. How cool would it be to decoupage a skull from the Dollar Store?

skull chair!

This skull chair by Pool, a French design studio. The funky chair is named 'Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir' in French meaning 'Remember That You Will Die', and is essentially "Memento Mori" portrayed somewhat ironically through a plastic furniture.

this makes me smile .. it's a Doorbell Cover
Created by Rosalie Sherman .. I must have something around the house I could make a funny door bell cover out of hmmm

Barbara Crow Doorbell Cover by Rosalie Sherman (Metal Doorbell Cover

Barbara Crow Doorbell Cover: Rosalie Sherman: Metal Doorbell Cover - Artful Home / my house needs this. and it also needs a door bell haha

Skull Door Knocker

Morbid Door Knockers

Polished Brass Skull Door Knocker, i sooooo see this on your front door Kate!

Skull book

Altered book - Skull Book Sculpture / The Adventurer's Diary: Souverein

I would totally never spend this much on candle holders, but these are amazing anyway. Maybe if I win the lottery...

Can you imagine these tentacle candle stick holders on your mantle? They are whimsical.

Spirit Board Furnishings

This table is seriously bad-ass. It's a handmade Ouija Board Coffee Table. Have a séance in your living room while you watch The Walking Dead or even somet

Los Angeles resident Johnny Love has a growing following of fans for his annual Love Manor Halloween display. He shares some the secrets behind this amazing faux stone spooky fireplace mantel and the other Halloween decoration in his haunted house.

Halloween Decorations for the Mantel from Love Manor - The Home Depot

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