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Hydro Terrarium by Daisuke Tsumanuma & Kenichi Yamada.

succulentsandcactus: “moodboardmix: “Hydro Terrarium by Daisuke Tsumanuma & Kenichi Yamada. ” actually, thats not good for the roots because of the light but it’s a cacti ”

10¹² Terra Hydro Terrarium | glass vase suitable for hydroponics, designed by Kenichi Yamada and Daisuke Tsumanuma

Be still my heart, as if I wasn’t hooked (enough) on all things cacti , when I spotted those beautifully minimal copper edged glas.

These are Ecojars. They are amazing, tiny,little worlds....in a jar. You need pond sludge to make them.

I will use the voss bottle! Ecojar - An entire aquarium ecosystem encapsulated in glass. A fun project for the kids and adults too.

DIY Terrarium - Doin' it today! :) So excited. Just gathered moss for these! www.puffterrariums.com

DIY Moss Terrarium Craft: You& likely seen terrariums popping up as decor accents all over the home-design world. Now your kids can craft their very own self-contained eco-environment!

10¹² Terra Lid Vision Glass Terrarium - Brass (at NalataNalata  $97)

Lid Vision Glass Terrarium - Brass