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7 Tips for STELLAR Gallery Walls! | Specs and Wings | Bloglovin

7 Tips for STELLAR Gallery Walls! (Specs and Wings)

Domestic Fashionista: Colorful Dining Room Gallery Wall California - Print out the shapes of State('s), Cut out and paste onto scrap book paper fitted for frame. Re painting frame is totally optional obviously.

Make a big impact with little effort. Here are 4 tips for styling a shelf in your home.  | Shutterfly

This shelving style has a theme using the more natural/organic selection of items. Make a big impact with little effort. Here are 4 tips for styling a shelf in your home.

How To Paint Your Cabinets (aka: Hallelujah!) | Young House Love.... using self leveling paint to help hide the oak grain.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Step-By-Step, With Video!

12 alternative items to hang on a gallery art wall | My Paradissi

12 alternative ideas to hang on a gallery wall

Glitter Girl: Grace Atwood | theglitterguide.com

Glitter Girl: Grace Atwood

Stainless Steel Desk Framed by Windows, Inspiration Board, Poppy Artwork // workspace

Lurv this. If you like it and you can get it, put it in your house.

✳gallery wall on white background, textured floor, splash of color in chair, black frames on all the art.

Fabric House

Fabric Houses, Knitted Owl, Gingerbread Houses, Guest Houses, Gypsy Living, Festivus, Shelters, Campers, Cottages

Photographer Rachel Whiting's creative space

art studio A dream craft room! Cien House shelving display and organization using wall brackets - disperses weight better and more visually .

old chest coffee table. Nice, chic.

Apartment Decorating on a Real-Life Budget

old chest coffee table (I have been using my old trunk like this for a while it works quite nicely. I love trunks for coffee tables

]Shop the Bullet Planter, a modern planter in cone-shaped durable molded fiberglass, perched atop a tripod of powder-coated steel.

Wall of just frames all painted one color.   Have also seen frame walls with the frames overlapped and all different colors.

DIY:: Foyer Wall Frame Decor Awesome Tutorial (You Could use in any room of house !) I'd like this with pictures in the frames

Fall color palette: Cheetah & Neutrals

Fall Color Palette: Cheetah and Neutrals

Color palette for room with cheetah print. I would have a solid neutral couch with a statement printed cheetah area rug instead