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これを見た後、あなたは本当にMacintoshのノイエ・ウォント・ゴナだ - Airows

After Seeing This, You're Gonna REALLY Want A Macintosh Neue

Sure, it's just a fan made concept and there's almost no way Apple will actually turn around and start selling these bad boys, but wow, is the Macintosh Neue

Los 12 mejores anuncios de la historia de Apple

A Pictorial Timeline of Apple Macintosh Computers, Products, Gadgets and iPods in History. To view an excellent timeline of all Apple Ads and Advertisements in

Cómo Compra la Gente: Un Siglo de Historia  Publicidad gráfica de Apple II

This is an undated file photo of an advertisement for the Apple II computer. Despite the gadget\s success, Newsweek reported in 1985 that Jobs has long been known to hate the Apple II, which he considers a \boring\ and technologically clumsy machine.

これを見た後、あなたは本当にMacintoshのノイエ・ウォント・ゴナだ - Airows

After Seeing This, You're Gonna REALLY Want A Macintosh Neue

German designers CURVED/labs released their own update on Apple’s original Macintosh with technology common to other Apple products.

Macintosh LCっぽい "iPad Pro Retro-Dock" のコンセプト画像

iPad Retro-Dock : et l’iPad Pro devient un Mac LC moderne

Existen diversas opiniones sobre el significado de la palabra “Lisa”.

Apple Lisa computer - The Lisa is the first commercial computer with a GUI, or Graphical User Interface. Prior to the Lisa, all computers were text based - you typed commands on the keyboard to make the system respond.

apple lisa - Buscar con Google

Apple Lisa Computer with Graphical User Interface and Mouse Appears in 1983

CURVED/labs asks the question: “What if Apple would reinvent the iconic Macintosh with up-to-date specs and a contemporary design?” The answer: A beautifully imagined iMac-like thing with the contour of the original Macintosh. MAC fans can geek out on more awesome photos of what a Retro Mac could look like

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CX)

筐体のデザインは性能には直接関係しないものの、所有欲をくすぐるためには必須の条件。Apple社の製品がウリにし続けているポイントでもあります。ガレージで開発された手作りキット「Apple I」から2010年の「iPh...

筐体のデザインは性能には直接関係しないものの、所有欲をくすぐるためには必須の条件。Apple社の製品がウリにし続けているポイントでもあります。ガレージで開発された手作りキット「Apple I」から2010年の「iPh...

Apple ][e Apple ][gs ROM3 Macintosh SE FDHD

A mental coredump consisting primarily of vintage computers, obsolete electronics, space history, historical telephony, other miscellaneous fragments of data.