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More Gem Doodles by Lopoddity on DeviantArt

mo gemsona doodles, yeah i'm having fun with this Here we have: So those earring doohickeys that float on the sides of Onyx's head are actually tr. More Gem Doodles

Gemlings by kilala97

Might as well upload it now I guess XDDD Pretty sure most of you've prolly seen it This won't make sense until you read this: sallychanscraps.

Garnet protects steven:

Square Mom protects the Steven

(Extremely) Random Gem Doodles by Lopoddity

doodles of the tired, late night variety Concept art. Her regular blasters aren& enough, so she built herself a big ass plasma cannon.

All the Gems! by kilala97 on DeviantArt

We've been trying to figure out why Onyx and Larimar actually have a thing for each other. Onyx likes authority figures (for some reason). So Onyx is the one with the crush initially XD What's happ.