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grass sculpture

Here are 10 amazing sculptures made only of grass! Quite intricately sculpted, must see sculptures! Includes sculptures from elephants to giraffes to even unicorns! Cool and creative Formula 1 car grass figure Cow grass sculpture This is an

Sleepy chick hedge

Sleepy Chick Hedge Landscape

Sleepy Chick Hedge Landscape - Landscapes - This hedge is probably one of the cutest hedge we’ve ever seen!

Картинки по запросу вырезанные кусты

The aisle of sphinxes. Richard Saunders, The Topiary Cat series. (These are photographic images, not real topiaries!) /// "Has anybody seen the cat"?

Pearl Fryer Topiary garden

The Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden - Bishopville, SC "Many of the plants in Pearl’s garden were rescued from the compost pile at local nurseries.

I love all types of topiary but these Toad stool topiarys are so neat.  Shared from –>> Sow & Dippity

Gardening Ideas - Creative Projects and Decor

Mossy Green Mushroom via Grass Land. Toadstools to Topiaries, 11 Creative Mushroom Projects for Your Garden - Sow & Dipity

Google+ Creative Ideas Turf seat around a tree.

How to create a turf seat around a tree. Imagine leaning against the tree and looking out over your own garden. - Gardening And Patio