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se me atoro un camaron!

A well done Hades costume from Disney's Hercules. Even his smirk makes me think of James Woods.<< Honestly, I find this cosplay really attractive.

Illustrator Turns Your Deepest Fears Into Cute Comics

Illustrator Turns Your Deepest Fears Into Cute Comics

An anonymous fear submitted to deep dark fears. What is your deep dark fear?

Witch King Helmet Tutorial by InKibus

Lord of the Rings, Witch King cosplay tutorial - Extremely detailed instructions

Los 35 cosplay más perfectos que traen a los personajes de Disney a la vida real

Character: Violet Parr / From: Pixar's 'The Incredibles' / Cosplayer: Yasemin Arslan - Vera Chimera Cosplay

George Bush & Obama Have Nothing On The Great Cookie Monster Hope In Comic By Twisted Speedo

So Much Better // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

The Fairly Oddparents teaches us about the gender paradigm.

The Fairly Oddparents Teach Us About the Gender Paradigm


13 Cómics que definen a la perfección las dificultades de ser adulto

If you're using the internet, and haven't seen Owlturd Comix yet - you are missing out on some of the best comics ever created.