This is the perfect small office for those who have little room to work. As long as this space stays organized and clutter free, you will always have a little nook in which to work

IKEA - NORBERG, Wall-mounted drop-leaf table, Becomes a practical shelf for small things when folded down.You save space when the table is not being used as it can be folded away.Table top covered with melamine, which gives a durable, easy to clean f

Haute 2016 home office

Do it with style: Minimalistic home office

Mocka Jimmy Tower - White + Natural Ends - styled by Michelle Halford, The Design Chaser

Unlock the hidden potential of forgotten space by turning it into a mini office. Unused spaces like the corner of a bedroom or living room, a nook, under the stairway, or a dead-end hallway, can be more than dead space to hang wall decor. Wall-mounted desks, secretary desks, or built-in secretaries can turn any area into a mini office. Extremely functional and compact, these versions of the classic secretary hide office clutter in a snap.

Dead Space? Turn It into a Mini Office

A dead-end hallway, an under-the-eaves nook, or another such charming corner can have surprising office potential. End of hallway in basement

I don't think our closets are deep enough for this, but love the idea!!

House Tour – April 2010

Perhaps in a manly version for my hubbys mancave (: More room for tables set up with board games and PCs.

Got creative: 33 Ideias para o seu pequeno escritório de casa

19 Great Home Offices For Small Spaces and Mobile Homes ? Mobile and Manufactured Home Living

small office all the white on the dark background color with the orange/neurtal colors "popping" out.

love all the white on the dark background color with the orange/neurtal colors "popping" out. shelves for office things

Joelle Hoverson's space. There's something about this one I really like, though I can't pin (!?!) just what.

See the "The Home Office" in our gallery to keep things compact and portable. A friend's design firm turned an old armoire into a mini home office, fitting it out with shelves, cubbies, and drawers. The doors keep it discreet.

clean, simple and the perfect small office area

Suzie: FOUND - Lovely office with white built-in cabinets, desk, chalkboard backsplash, vintage .

How to organise the paper clutter {Inspiration}

How to organise the paper clutter {Inspiration}

Unclutterer: Daily tips on how to organize your home and office. * I like the floating shelves over the desk, might be great storage idea for our office. My god this is sexy.


The New Year always brings with it the desire to make changes: big life changes, lifestyle changes, or maybe just an attempt to get the year off to a good start with a little organization