Jessica Bell.

lonehands/ Jessica Bell: Not Quite Home x sewn textile assemblage on fir frame (Thanks @ Lost in Fiber)


Housing Estate - Mixed Media Works by Jessica Bell - Design Milk

c025cea4462f438a1a4fdb7242adc69c.jpg 450×1,049 pixels

c025cea4462f438a1a4fdb7242adc69c.jpg 450×1,049 pixels

kaitlincarroll:  Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell Each child cuts a stencil shape and has a roller. Lesson is rotating around the room creating a collaborative work. Looking at shape positive and negative shape, layers, colour mixing etc, wet paint could pose a problem.

textile assemblages by Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell -East, 2011 x Textile assemblage with screen print on fir frame

COLLAGE CUTOUT Inspired by the sunny disposition of Henri Matisse’s cutouts / Feel-good prints / Paint a picture of a summery scene using colorful cutouts / Torn paper shapes create a colorful new camo / Playful, naive and upbeat

Introducing Shoppe Theory & the future of June Letters