How cool would a laser engraved scrabble game be?

The Scrabble Designer Edition by Andrew Clifford Capener. Definitely a novelty Scrabble board. Couldn't used a raised font letter for competition but would make a lovely piece of art for casual games. Love the idea of using a different font.

typographic poster design inspiration

Typographic Poster Designs #006

graphic design - Google Search

Typography started to grow on me the past 2 years so I decided to mess around with typography and my usual shapes forms and colors, this is the result.

Infinite Swipe-rsand | Designer: Michael Spitz

Infinite Swipe-rsand

And infinite goes on and on and on. Dribbble - Infinite Swipe-rsand by Michael Spitz

Typography inspiration

Typography inspiration

On the road. Bob Noorda, travelling with a graphic designer, Aiap edizioni, Milano, 2011 (photo.

Darth Vader— May the force of Typography be with you—by H-57 Creative Station— Who's dorkier: Star Wars fans or type nerds?

Nerdgasm! Star Wars Drawings Made Only With Type

Creative Station: The Force of Typography, Darth Vader. May the force of Typography be with you.


Typography inspiration