This looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Emperor Palpatine had a baby. I LOVE the textures in this piece.  Annemarie Busschers

Illustration Inspiration Gallery

Annemarie Busschers is a contemporary artist from the Netherlands who creates portraits that beautifully captures the raw emotion of her subjects,Born Den Bosch, Netherlands.Lives and works in Groningen, Netherlands.

Colin Davidson

Colin Davidson - Drawing - The incredible detail in the painting makes the piece very realistic and strong in emotion. The sketch of the shirt which fades into the background creates a very fluent transition.

Portrait of a Behr

Philip Seymour Hoffman Portrait, Charcoal Line Drawing, Illustration - portrait in planes with cross conturs.

@artistic_ideas: "Shift 3" - Scott Ewen, oil on masonite

"Shift - Scott Ewen, oil on masonite {contemporary figurative artist discreet nude female posterior back abstraction woman texture grunge painting}

Antoni Tapies self-portrait. 1946. From "100 Self-Portrait Drawings from 1484 to Today"

art-centric: “Tapies, Antoni - 1946 Self-Portrait (Private Collection) ”