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ℓιвяα ♎️Say it 2 times- you know who you are- and you madam are full of shit. you will not win, and I will remain- what you've done to me and my family will come back to you and haunt you the rest of your days.


Libra - These negative traits are all the things I'm struggling with at the moment. God damn you hesitant, indecisive, fearful side!

This is so true. You don't want to cross a Libra. Loyalty is everything.

This is so true. You don't want to cross a Libra. Loyalty is everything. Im a Libra and this is so true

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ℓιвяα ♎️ if this is not what he says all the time! Libras carry so much pain

I just stay quiet because I know everyone else has enough problems. If I'm always upset they're never going to want me around. Not that they do, anyhow

When a Libra is upset, they will withdraw, and become silent. While they enjoy helping others and listening to people's problems, they aren't as forthcoming with their own. They don't want to be a burden to anyone.


A Libra could have a 100 admirers, but that doesn't matter because when they have an eye on someone, they only have eyes for that one and only person. so no worries they remain loyal even if you don't see it


As a Libra, you might have so many brilliant ideas, but it will take you forever to execute them. You procrastinate like crazy. I'm a professional procrastinator:)