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EXO Baekhyun - I only know him in Growl, because of his pretty hand~!

I was ready to quickly re-pin this because it instantly struck me funny...but before I could I froze, I was like wait, I don't find girls attractive:) Considering my huuuuge crush on Xiumin in all. Then I remembered this was funny because I was confused a couple weeks ago on why I was drawn to him and was happy no Ecstatic when I was able to confirm Xiumin was 100% male! I could not be more relaxed and relieved, I no longer need to seek out a therapist:)

*random Luhan appears after hearing someone call him feminine * " No!

What can I do to bring back these smiles that you once have? T^T

Nhes on

This breaks my heart Baekhyun please be happy again

Nooo! Hahah, well Kai with dreads isn't that bad . My babe looks good in and with everything ❤️

tho I found one strangely very attractive.the dreads I didn't like that much XD.but luhan looked so effing adorable.i just asdfghjkl

Baekhyun EXO ❤️

EXO Photobook "Dear Happniess" in Fiji - Baekhyun

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EXO Baekhyun Christmas Day - Miracles In December looking so adorable XD