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best cake ever!

Peacing out: The faces of three pump cats cover the surface of this sheet cake while the face of Congressman and former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul covers the moon

No pet policies (which don’t always deter the most devoted animal lovers). | 21 Struggles Renters Are All Too Familiar With

21 Struggles Renters Are All Too Familiar With

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All too true:

Petting the belly of a kitty is like frolicking in the back hair of an angel!

Grumpy cat has nothing on flat face kitty...lol

Something about this fluffy flat faced cat makes me giggle. And I want it. You don't understand how much I want it.

legit doing this tonight

Friendship bracelet for you and you cat. New trend. Cat lady takes it too far

Litter box cake for a kitty party.....not doing the tootsie rolls though, lol.

I present the Cat Litter Cake: Pretty icky, Right? I saw this a while back and knew I needed to try it out for myself. My broth.

I'm a ... uong?

These 16 Things Are Not Officially Licensed By Disney

I'm a ... uong?

@Stephanie Snodgrass love this made me giggle, maybe it will you too!

Check out this funny photo of a cookie cake that says 'I Don't Give a Sh*t, I Just Want Chocolate and M and Ms'. on it- mom prob didn't realize they were going to write it literally!

If cats took selfies :)

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Being a cat owner. Yep, this is accurate.

Funny pictures about Cat people problems. Oh, and cool pics about Cat people problems. Also, Cat people problems.