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Mr. 0 Baroque Works CEO

CEO of the criminal organization Baroque Works.

Garp Navy Headquarters

grandfather and a vice admiral for the Navy. Renowned as a naval hero, he was given Ace to take care of by Roger before the Pirate King was

Emporio Ivankov New Kama Karate Master

Queen of the Kamabakka Queendom and commander in the Revolutionary Army. Despite his eccentric looks and behavior, Ivankov has saved countless

Pirates of Brook straw

After Luffy and crew helped him get his shadow back, he became a full-fledged crewmember, setting off in hopes of seeing

墓場のアブサロム スリラーバークの怪人

墓場のアブサロム スリラーバークの怪人

Kaku: Six Powers Cipher Pol No. 9

agent working for the World Government and member of Cipher Pol No. A Four Swords user, he wields a sword in each hand and one of the Six

No. 200 Mr. 5 Breeze Breath Bomb

User of Bomb-Bomb Fruit. He can shoot rapid fire with his flintlock caliber 6 shot revolver and the bullets are