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Catarina, a jaguar, drinks water at the NEX sanctuary for endangered Brazilian felines in Corumba, Brazil on August 30. NEX which stands for, no extinction, is a non-governmental organization that defends and preserves the wild cats at their conservation refuge. The refuge currently houses some 26 big cats, including pumas, ocelots and jaguarundi.

Animal Tracks: August 29 - Sept. 4

Jaguar is a big cat, a feline, and it can be found in the Brazilian Pantanal.

Tiger Tug-of-War at Busch Gardens in Tampa

Tiger tug-o-war! This zoo gives the visitors an opportunity to test their strength against big cats. This is an awesome idea! And a cool, safe way to interact with the animals. Play tug-o-war with a tiger.

@carlotta Ribet oltre a essere un leonessa sei una LEOPARDA!  ahahhahah

Is that a cheetah, in the snow? Or is that some other cat? Cause I thought cheetahs didn't live in snow, or am I mistaken?