With different apparel, this is what Mr. West looks like glancing over his shoulder at the commissioner when he enters the interrogation room. He's sitting in the chair with his hands crossed behind his head, leaning back on the opposite side of entrance door. (I'm good at dialogue, but horrible at adjectives and describing actions. Like an opposite H.P. Lovecraft. But the picture is in my head and I know exactly what they are doing and what it looks like, but I have difficulty verbalizing…

He is brilliant, charismatic, beautiful and powerful not criminally insane ( that too but oh well )

Who's The Joker On 'Gotham' If Not Jerome? "The Last Laugh" Just Changed Everything

'Gotham' Changed Everything With "The Last Laugh"

In only three episodes, Gotham has already proved that all the speculation in the world can't predict what's actually in store this season. In the last few minutes of the third episode of Gotham Season Jerome was killed by Theo Galavan, and even t…