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Ahhh, the amazing tale of Gajeel and Levy's romance. xD

Read Fairy Tail Couples from the story Fairy Tail & Soul Eater Pics by Phoenix_DragonSlayer (♒️) with reads. AwwwLol levyKinda Sad th.

Future GaLe

No matter what you ship in Fairy Tail this one will always prevail. I mostly think if anything is going to go cannon it's GaLe first. (I wish it would be Nalu but Natsu's a dense idiot)

Lol! ;) The Gray stalking one is a really funny moment! And the last one's right... Lucy is not covering her eyes up properly! Do you think that's on purpose? ;)

when i saw zancrow i thought he is eather a HUGE goku fan or just gokus real son. sorry gohaun you are kicked out of dbz