Sakura and Sasuke- wish this would happen they would make an amazing couple just like Naruto and Hinata

Sakura and Sasuke- prolly not going to happen, I would rather her kiss Naruto.

Como que el título te lo dice todo ¿no? :v. Pero Wattpad me obliga a … #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad

Típico en los Fanfics de Naruto.

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++ I had to LOSE YOU one more time ++ (IV) by AngelJasiel on DeviantArt

naruto, shikamaru, Sasuke and sakura from naruto manga this is my first SS comic, the story is random the coloring sucks because i did it fast. xD i did the lineart without sketch so.

.:: Good Morning ::. by

.:: Good Morning ::. by

English Naruto Konoha High School | sasusaku y naruhina created by melody2099 based on Blank ...

Even though a lot of stuff happened I still think Sakura is the best medicine for Sasuke besides Naruto so I totally ship Sakura and Sasuke