Under My Skin by MichaelO on DeviantArt

Photo Manipulations and Digital Art by Michael Oswald. Michael Oswald is a digital artist with a unique style. His technique involves a combination of phot

photo manipulation ideas

Photo “Balanced” by Caras Ionut ( Adique-Alarcon Phillips Regan Truax://carasdesign.

I think Corvidae wants to move......so like in the "Wizard of Oz", s/he's taking the house with!! THE POWER OF DREAMS (DonJuki) – DON’T TAKE ME LIGHTLY

This photo montage works extremely well. The wings of the bird balance very well with the rest of the photo. The bird is also tipping one direction while the house is tipping towards the other which creates harmony in the design.


This is a beautiful example of photo manipulation. This photo could portray the idea of holding life in the palm of your hand. The reversal of size roles in this picture creates an ironic aspect.

Awesome Photo Manipulations by Akşam Gunesi http://www.cruzine.com/2013/04/29/awesome-photo-manipulations-akam-gunesi/

Assassin, the Incident of Xuanwu Gate by ~ChaoyuanXu on deviantART

Christophe Gilbert

clothes hangers dress, wearing off the rack fashions, Girl Photo Manipulation 40 Creative Photo Manipulation In Photoshop 13 pic on Design You Trust

Photo Manipulations by Jasmin Junger

Moonsong Daily Magick - Saturday, March Daily Affirmation "I receive important messages in my dreams.

you are an oracle, medium, channel connecting to all the great oracles, masters, higher vibrational beings... through transcending illusions of time/ space.. You need only raise your vibrational frequency and make the connection / remember ❤tami  (art;estelle chomienne)

As above so below, this is for my Seventh Crow. Upwards by Estelle Chomienne

Cool Photo Manipulations by D’haese François

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Digital Illustration... 3mmI (Pierre-Alain D.)

Creative art gallery of Dark Digital Art and Graphic Design Illustrations by the creating new vision of Graphic Design by the eye of Pierre-Alain D. A French Digital Artist