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Green Man by Brian Froud

The Greenman,Cernunnos/Herne the Hunter.By Artist and Author Brian Froud's "Green Man".a very creative and beautiful artist! My children and noe my grandchildren adore his work

angels-fairies-cherubs-elves-0003.jpg (1000×1435)

themusewithinthemusewithout: “Hannah’s Garden by Brian Froud. I love how Froud’s fairy creatures always seem kinda transparent and in transition, how their energy remains active avoiding strict definitions.

A Taverna do Homem Verde: Brian Froud

The Faerie Realm: Brian & Wendy Froud - Essays on Mythic Fiction & Art

FOLLETTI, FATE, GNOMI, ELFI - tipologie e abitudini

Toadstools (postercard) by Brian Froud art print

UrRu Mystic from the Dark Crystal :) one of the most amazing puppets from the Jim Henson workshop, I'll talk more about them later.

Brian Froud - Dark Crystal The concept art for this movie was my first exposure to Brian Froud's work, and to the idea of illustration being used for movies. I loved the extensive critter concepts and intricate pattern designs.

Panda ab Chaos

From Brian Froud’s new book "Trolls" ~ Faeries tell us that small things can hold great truths . ~ Brian Froud I just adore Brian Froud's art!

'Brian Froud by Chester the 1st, via Flickr' ~ Dark Crystal.. Would love to go back and watch it again.

Troll Witch by Brian Froud ' Trolls are an intrinsic part of nature, and the earth itself,'' writes Wendy Froud.