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vertical message/conversation design — thinking of 'team stream' here

Task Management Design Direction by Brandon Termini for Handsome

Today's showcase features 25 nicely designed app dashboard designs that do a great job of presenting information neatly and clearly in a concise dashboard.

Liora's Notes: * To me, this is a top-nav exclusive. The left-nav is too wide and seems context specific. * I like the contrast top-left. Great place to put a company logo * I like the accent underlines for selected tabs * Icons to the top right are very clear and well placed


Erixon inspired me to rebound his Helpdesk, my version is called Photodash a small Dashboard Application for editing images. I hope you like it and please leave feedback.


Great dashboard UI designs are developed daily to remind us of the possibilities we have to present data.

Day 016 - Email app by Judicy - Dribbble

Day 016 - Email app

That's the practice of day Hope you like it.😊 This shot is an email app design.

HQ Stylesheet by James Barnes

User interface inspiration

In our UI galleries we’re presenting our latest findings of the most stunning menus, buttons and other interface elements from mobile apps, applications and webpages.

Elastica - Discovery by UENO. (via Haraldur Thorleifsson)

Elastica - Discovery

Elastica - Risk Discovery - Chart with lots of controls. If you like UX, design…

Mail App

In my quite busy days, I have decided to remain busy to create an e-mail app. I'm very excited to share with you the simple flat design related to e-mails conversation.