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Flyer Goodness: Vintage Constructivist Graphic Design by Aleksandr Rodchenko

design-is-fine: “ Alexander Rodchenko, cover design for Novyj LEF / New LEF, Journal of the Left Front of the Arts, Russia. Via Venator Hanstein ”

Erich Buchholz . 1920

ein-bleistift-und-radiergummi: “Erich Buchholz ‘Untitled’ Erich Buchholz occupied a central place in the international avant-garde in Berlin in the His earliest prints are influenced by the.

Эль Лисицкий. Обложка журнала

«El Lissitzky designed the Constructivist cover of Veshch–Gengenstand–Objects and edited it with Ilya Ehrenberg He also designed the Soviet Pavillion at Pressa

WHATEVER, NEVERMIND — workman: vjeranski: El Lissitzky

Lazar Lissitzky dit El Lissitzky 1890 - 1941 Лазарь Лисицкий peintre, designer, photographe, typographe et architecte russe

Bauhaus http://superradnow.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/tumblr_ll5kx4io6t1qay80q.jpeg

Bauhaus Textiles

In Ruth Hollos began studying at the Bauhaus Weaving workshop. Within two years of leaving the Bauhaus, Hollos became Director of a hand-weaving studio in Konigsberg in East Prussia. Hollos was mainly known for her woven wall-hangings.

History of the Bauhaus design movement:

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of the Bauhaus Movement

History of the Bauhaus design movement. I love the angles of this infographic. There is so much movement, its a refreshing change from other infographics

Wassily #Kandinsky - Joost #Schmidt - Hannes #Meyes - Josef #Albers - Bauhaus Movement  #Poster

Bauhaus book cover book covers vintage fabric From Words (a Golden Book) by Joe Kaufman,