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Superyachts and solar power: a feasible merger? lang: en_US In previous decades, luxury was often associated with excess. In the industry of power, however, this trend has changed in recent years.

The Aim of Language Learning ... great article on lifelong language development.

The Aim of Language Learning . great article on lifelong language development.

I survived my insecurities.and though the road is daunting, I have learned being true-to-oneself is good company.


letyourbeautyflow: yes please. (Oxford Proper)

i want to travel across the world and breathe the air of new places ~very well said.

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Time decides who you meet in your life. Heart decides who you want in your life. Behavior decides who will stay in your life.

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Couldn't be more true. Exist for yourself. Be the best version of yourself that you can be and then things fall into place. Don't exist for someone else. Always be yourself and always be true to yourself.


wtf: Nothing is more dangerous than a woman with a beautiful mind who isn't afraid to use the word 'fuck.

i miss you momma so much but you are part of me as I am you our blood runs together.i will never lose the memories.

And then I realized even though you are gone a part of you will remain inside of me, as long as the memories don't fade like the sun like the sun behind the fog on a cloudy day.

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"Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake"