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True introversion - not being overly shy, but needing to be alone to get energy, and thinking things through (usually a lot) before actually being willing to say anything. That's why what I think is much more than what I actually say.

Show me disloyalty....

Show me disloyalty. I'll show you detachment. I will detach you right out of my life and there will be no appeal and no reprieve.

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Day My Voice, confident and strong. Believing what I say and saying what I believe. "Be a voice not an echo.

Hah! I always do things the hard way and then I realize I could have done it the easy way.

While INFJs are considered one of the most rational feeling types, our cognitive processing always considers a multitude of dimensions in analysis, catering to both efficacy and the emotional satisfaction of all those affected by our resolution.

That little nagging feeling that says stay the hell away this person is a dangerous sociopath...yeah, you should listen to that

"I like the energy of some people & others I don't care for, I can't explain it but my intuition tells me to stay away from them" - INFJ


INFP -My life is just one constant battle between wanting to be alone, but not wanting to be lonely.

Marilyn                                                       …

Marilyn Monroe :), this means we have to be able to handle others at their worst as well, but thats what makes it a great principle

Hamlet doesn't understand how much her really hurts me inside. Everyone around me, including my own father is telling me that Hamlet is so madly in love with me that it is making him crazy, yet he rips my heart into a million pieces acting as it is nothing. Because I love him, I have to act as though it doesn't bother me but deep down it hurts. If I treated him this way, he would understand.

I hate seeing or hearing people treat others mean or being rude just for the sake of entertainment. The fact that some people get enjoyment out of making others feel small is sad.

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I thought this picture was funny because it can be hard to fall asleep when your brain is racing. This can happen if you watch TV or play on your phone right before bed.