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https://flic.kr/p/AFGpjU | Beautiful reflection

https://flic.kr/p/AFGpjU | Beautiful reflection

Geometry Activity for Kids: Design a four-square quilt pattern using triangles (Free Printable)~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Geometry for Kids: Quilt Activity Using Triangles (Free Printable

Geometry for Kids: Quilt Activity Using Triangles (Free Printable) - Buggy and Buddy

'Reflections' is a current project in progress, in which I photograph a round mirror in various places. The idea came from my first thoughts of photographing clouds in a iCloud shaped mirror. Then I bought various forms of mirrors and was mostly impressed by the symmetry and silence of the round one.

Symmetry And Silence In Round Mirror Reflections

impressed by the symmetry and silence of the round one.  It’s all about the beauty of reflected light. It’s like a universe or a small planet with a lot of possibilities in contrast of structures, colors, moods and various lightnings.

Symmetry And Silence In Round Mirror Reflections

When you see clouds, think of soap! Or at least that's what I get from this effective and creative branding design for soap. The soap product itself is in the shape of a cloud and comes in various pastel colors. The package branding was made to reflect the product by incorporating simple cloud shape designs and using the same pastel colors as the soap. The package layout is consistent by placing the cloud, text, and logo in the same areas throughout the different designs.

Siren Cloud Soap (VELVET) Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Litsea, Orange, Patchouli - Macadamia, Rice Milk and Pink Clay Soap

Amy was tired of spending all of her energy on the negative behaviors in her classroom. That's when she decided to change her own behaviors.

How I Became a More Positive Teacher


Symmetry And Silence In Round Mirror Reflections

Weeping Reflections - Ton Dubbeldam

Ton Dubbeldam Ton Dubbeldam was born in Holland in Dubbeldam’s paintings in oil, combined with dry pastel, and sometimes by using Spotting and dripping techniques will make you associate his work with various art forms and different periods

References for various fundamental things - composition, balance of details etc. I don't have sources for most of these as its something that was lying on my hdd for a while, but you should be able to look it up through google images.

love the water and texture and movement balanced with the circle moon taking familiar objects and then twisting it and making it look super sick. this is just super super dope

I just love the simplicity and ease of Brooke and Mike’s engagement session near their home in Charleston. Photos by the talented Odalys Mendez. From photographer Odalys Mendez, “Brooke grew up in Ana Maria Island, Florida, where her days revolved around the sea. When they heard they were relocating to Charleston because of a work ….

Brooke & Mike

Adore this engagement shoot. Chevy mirror shot but instead of Chevy, FORD! This could be used for various ideas with a couple and make it fun, retro yet young and full of spirit