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Metroid: Treason, Alessandro Constantini on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4kr1n

I did this a while back, because: A) I love pixel art B) Nintendo refuses to give us another metroid sidescroller. I’ve been yearning for one for over a decade now :( All assets were done from scratch, and it’s done in pixel perfect resolution for a

Boy of boy do I love me some Metroid fan art and DeviantArtist Chris Zesiul delivers. Take a look at some of these recreated Metroid scenes.   I really like these two, the second one looking l…

This is Metroid Fan Art for Phantoon from Super Metroid. This is actually one of the few Super Metroid bosses to make a return as of lately Other .

Metroid is Super by BlueRogueVyse. via: http://blueroguevyse.deviantart.com/

Super Metroid Tribute, Marvin Herbring on ArtStation at…

Samus Encounters Spore Spawn by ZEBES on deviantART

*FULL VIEW PU-LEEEEEASE* Samus climbs through Brinstar overgrown with vegetation area and finds the Spore Spawn Monster, throwing massive amounts of spo.

The Legend of Zelda by ilias-saili on Tumblr

Legend of Zelda - Une illustration époustouflante de Ilias Patlis - GEEK ASiA

"Phazon Mines" by FirebornForm.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

‘Metroid Prime: Phazon Mines’ iPhone Case/Skin by FirebornForm

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