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This is Outside Open Dining Glass Walls Dihedral House Colorado Usa Item of Dihedral House Boulder Colorado Usa. Dihedral House is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

An amazing house inspired by the principles of mid century modern architecture.

Mid Century Modern Architecture Inspired House by Dowling Studios.

I obviously favor a well curated mid century modern house but If I were to build a new house, the West Dry Creek House by.


Best Ideas For Modern House Design & Architecture : – Picture : – Description Insane Secret Passageways: These Secret Passageways are Straight Out of a James Bond Movie

En Detalle: Cortes Constructivos / Hormigón

Galería de En Detalle: Cortes Constructivos / Hormigón - 1

Gallery - House in Zapallar / Pilar Garcia, Carolina Portugueis, Martin Labbe - 4



Image 9 of 27 from gallery of V House / Agraz Arquitectos. Photograph by Mito Covarrubias

Gallery of V House / Agraz Arquitectos - 10

O  que rotula uma casa instantaneamente como moderna hoje? Sustentabilidade, a busca pela auto-suficiência energética é um ponto-chave. A conclusão de um projeto inteligente adequado para suportar as intempéries do seu habitat outro quesito importante. Amplitude, linhas limpas, simetria, transparência. Há lugares destinados a felicidade.

The Residence in Las Vegas features a stunning glass front entrance. Designed by assemblageSTUDIO, it was designed in a minimalist style as to fit in with the surrounding desert environment.

rear of house...interesting cladding?

This heritage listed Malvern home includes an overall renewal, both inside and out, and a double story extension.



Imagen 6 de 31 de la galería de Casa Ro Tapalpa / Elías Rizo Arquitectos. © Marcos García

Galería de Casa Ro Tapalpa / Elías Rizo Arquitectos - 6

Designed by Elías Rizo Arquitectos, Casa RO Tapalpa house is situated in a forested area near the town of Tapalpa, Mexico. The project consists of a country house to be used at weekends, so the program was basic.



love those corner window and the stone plinth/patio. david jameson architect.

The Burning Tree Residence by David Jameson Architect

Turner House by Freadman White in Architecture & Interior design

Would you live here? -Name: Turner House -Designed by: Freadman White -Location: Melbourne Australia __________________________________________ Use the hashtag __________________________________________ by housingart

The proposal is based on absolute respect for the existing building, which consists of a 15th century tower house with a later to which a mansion was attached in the 18th century, both examples of the Basque vernacular architecture. Based on this...

Image 16 of 21 from gallery of Torremadariaga Basque Biodiversity Centre / IA+B Arkitektura Taldea. Photograph by Aitor Ortiz