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Yes Zombie Lovers, the hits just keep on coming! Today’s Zombie Tasmanian Devil, or Zombie Taz is just another in the non stop parade of brand new Zombie Art pieces

Zombie Art : Sponge Bob Square Pants Zombie Art by Rob acchetto

Zombie art in the extreme on Zombie Daily! Hey kids, what else were you expecting? I don't just want to be known as the Zombie Artist that does Cartoon Zombie Art

zombie elmo

Zombies, Elmo and the Power of Obsession to Achieve Your Dreams by Denise Duffield-Thomas

zombie cat

Zombie Animal Week Continues with Zombie Cat - Zombie Art by Rob Sacchetto

Zombie Graphic

I liked the idea of having a neon/rave zombie, this would mean i wouldnt have to use the typical colours of a typical zombie & i could have neon blood & bright colourfull skin, but with a zombie twist.