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Navel or lower belly tattoos are a more common choice for women rather than men and the design chosen is usually some small shape or peeking from one side


This super colorful owl chest piece is sweet. I'm not typically a fan of this style of tattoo but i love this one.

really like the style of this, not neccesarily anything else about it but something about all of it works

Absolutely have to have one of these Deer Portraits Timeless Style with a Modern Twist

Rik Lee

Rik Lee style for the thigh, in place of the gypsy head. I could put a more traditional spin on this, changing the wolf head to a tiger, etc. (Maybe replace rose with butterfly for mother as well)

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My after Vin tattoo will be a pocket watch. One Tatt for each pregnancy and clocks/watches have special meaning to me :) Mais

Crispy Lennox

Old School Tattoo - From Sailor Jerry to Neo Traditional Tattoos If this is your first time looking at old school tattoos, then welcome to this wonderful world! An Old School Tattoo refers to a.

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Tattooing collected Purple bird watercolor tattoo on leg in Beautiful bird watercolor tattoos. And Purple bird watercolor tattoo on leg is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 115 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about bird, watercolor for girls.

Something Like This For My Time Heals Nothing Tattoo But I Want The Watch To Be Broken #tattoos, #tats, #bodyart, https://apps.facebook.com/yangutu

Clock Tattoos: Meanings, Pictures, Designs, and Ideas