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French Barcino

French Barcino

Unlike most guys, little puglet *loves* going shopping! (via cuteoverdose)

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It's a pug in a cowboy hat.it's in a cowboy hat. This is the most ridiculously beautiful thing I've ever seen

Frog pug .... I'm in disguise ! ... you'd never know I'm not really,  really  a wee frog !!!

U is for Utterly awesome.How awesome is this Pug frog.U is hard, hopefully this Pug frog makes you smile.so cute

Baby Pug

The Pug head tilt - easy to make them do this by talking to them about their favourite things.


I didn't choose the pug life, The pug life chose me Thanks for this cutie Schoenfeld Sisa !

Mascotas skateboard

❤ "The bulldog riding the skateboard - over rated. Nap on skateboard -- good stuff!" ❤ No source.too bad it's not a bulldog. It's a pug 😒

Wanna ride?

A precious pug on a skateboard! Prior Pin: 17 Pugs Who Are Feeling Under-Appreciated Today