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troye knows what's up

I love gay guys because you talk about hot guys and they'll just be like, "I know right!" I love Troye. Not to mention this song cracked me up. Lol The 2013 Song.

How I feel when people talk about #Trxye

When I hear Troye on the radio

dis kid ma hero

...percebo que a pessoa que eu tô a fim tá me... - comoeumesintoquando

So yeah I have watched so many Troye Sivan videos it's insane.

mi nutella!!!!!!!

Troye and Nutella. --My name is Troye and I listen to Troye Sivan and I also feel this way about Nutella

Troyler<3 I want someone to look at me the way troye looks at tyler

Compilation (Troyler smut oneshots)

I feel like all the troyler shippers are now tronnor shippers and it makes me sad😥

when my hand touches a peice of food when washing the dishes-Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan hahahaha I love this video so much