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Spock and Kirk (ft. Captain Pike).

I love Spock! (Isn't sass an emotional response?)》I'm convinced the Vulcans were like "Okay, because you're half human, you can keep 1 emotional response." And Spok said, "Sass.

Star Trek & Star Trek Beyond | Spock & Uhura (she speaks his language.. which is quite appropriate, given she's a linguist specialist ^_^ )

Star Trek & Star Trek Beyond…how much do we love how Uhura can sum things up?

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I no longer feel guilty about pinning spoilers for the amazing Into Darkness. You've been warned.

Captain Kirk: one of the few people who can talk down to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Captain Kirk: one of the few people who can talk down to Benedict Cumberbatch.----If Chris Pine talked like this to me I would probably cry

Uhura, Scotty, Spock and McCoy (their reaction of Kirk's death)

What breaks my heart most about these reactions is that everyone has become their own opposite in the face of Kirks death.

I love this scene. Any scene with Legolas and Gimli is excellent.

I wanna see Legolas drinking vs Castiel. Maybe there would be no end because they're both immortal.

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This scene >> How jealous Spock looked was hilarious! >> So appeals to my Classic Trek shippers heart!

"Are you out of your Vulcan mind?"

I LOVE Karl Urban and he is the most awesome Bones! "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?"<<<Nah, DeForest Kelley will always be the most awesome Bones. (He does actually say that line in an episode in the original series)

Is it weird that the first time i watched this movie I immediately thought "yup. this scene will be on the internet"

Kirk and Bones - Star Trek Reboot - (While they may not have cast every character well, Karl Urban was perfect for Bones)

Star Trek: Bones' face in the second-to-last one, oh my word. And Spock is so proud of his sass.