#NiallFromIerland does no one else notice that Ireland is spell wrong?

does no one else notice that Ireland is spell wrong?>>>yes its supposed to be ireland

So guys in my Spanish class I get to have a Spanish name(for the full Spanish feeling effect) and mine is Verónica  in the corners of all my papers I write I got a dirty mouth!!

I'm not even a directioner, but seeing niall cry hurts me xx< Niall crying makes my heart ache.

oh, niall this is one of the countless reasons why I love you

Omg Harry I'm a tank top is the death of me


I think I'm turning into a Niall girl<<< I'm already a Niall girl boo boo lol

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Those girls are bitches for leaving Niall out. I hate those bitches. They should be kicked out of the fandom because they're not true fans. A true fan would include Niall.

Repin for Niall like for t swift...... I think we all know the answer *cough* Nialler *cough* *cough*

Who wore it better?<<< is there even a competition? Of course Niall wore it better!

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Okay to be vry honest liam's looking as if he is checking if harry has a brain or not and louis is like 'man that is so cool' and harry is like ofcourse I have a freakin brain idiots.and nial is being niall

Niall Horan For more follow @sharayupatilssp

Niall Horan For more follow @sharayupatilssp

That's why I love you Niall<3 :)

One Direction minus Niall. Only because he has no tattoos though, not because we don't like Niall