Isso é um verdadeiro pesadelo antes do Natal.

21 fotos de palhaços vintage que vão te dar arrepios


These Vintage Photos Of Children's Nightmares Will Haunt Your Dreams

Title: Singing Chair Caption: New York, 1977 Artist: Arthur Tress Date: 1977 Medium: Fiber Print Copyright: © Arthur Tress


creepy clown masks on pioneer women while man plays fiddle vintage halloween photography,

room42: This year can you fucken modern day kids … actually...

Creepy Halloween costumes that were worn decades ago can still match the horrifying level of today’s ghoulish get-ups.

Ai como somos loquinhos hoje em dia! Ahhhh essa juventude só faz maluquice!! Ainnnn antigamente que era bom…. CARA, PARE e veja essas fotos que provam que seus bisavós também podem ter feito coisas um tanto quanto estranhas… só não tinha redes sociais pra compartilhar isso… Você ja escutou e viu muito bem apesar de […]

42 fotos antigas que mostram que seus bisavós eram mais bizarros que você

Une collection de clichés anonymes dont les plus anciens datent de 1875. Le livre Haunted Air d’Ossian Brown datant de 2010 nous plonge dans l’ambiance des déguisements de la fête d’Halloween entre 1875 et 1955.

I love seeing old vintage Halloween photos. They are always so extra creepy! These photos are from a new book called Haunted Air, by Ossian Brown.

Sister looses her twin sister. But she is still with her in spirit. Always and forever. The blonde in the pic.

This is from a book called mrs peregrines home for peculiar children. It's not a scary book. It has creepy pictures but it's not creepy. This is not a paranormal photo.

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12 Creepy Kids in Halloween Masks

13 Vintage Photos of Scary Halloween Masks - PROJECT B - Vintage Photography, Photo-Based Art & Curated Projects

Creepy Vintage | creepy vintage halloween photos (60)

From Ossian Brown's exquisite collection of antique vernacular photographs of Halloweens past. Brown compiled his favourites of eerie found photos, all dating between 1875 and into a lovely new book titled Haunted Air. David Lynch wrote the introduction.