Jason Aldean - Night Train

The thought of you is drivin' me insane, come on baby let's go listen to the night train - Jason Aldean

Frankie Ballard - Helluva Life

Beer gets a barefoot country girl swaying to a song that's playing on the radio station - Helluva Life - Frankie Ballard

Jason Aldean

When She Says Baby. I have only my Favorite Jason Aldean songs on my iTunes. I love this song!

Always keep the girl..

I'm torn and it's tearing me apart, I wanna go but I don't wanna break her heart. Like a sword with a double edged blade, it's gonna cut deep either way. Chase the dream, or keep the girl - Jason Aldean

Michelle Branch~ Leave The Pieces

(Song:) Leave The Pieces (Artist:) The Wreckers (Album:) Stand Still, Look Pretty (Year:) 2006