muita gente usa sapatilha de balet rosa mais eu gosto de sapatilha petra e vermelha e vc???

Im not a ballerina but I am a dancer in lyrical hip-hop, I think these black pointe shoes are just beautiful

✨✨✨Only dancers would get excited at this picture! あと1日働けば仕事納め  まだお仕事残ってる方は頑張りましょー!

sometimes i miss dancing so much, it hurts! I miss wearing pointe shoes and sewing on the ribbons. the sore that can only come from a really tough class.

The only DIY craft I would care to work on: a huge shadow box full of my old pointe shoes painted different shades of pink and written on like this.

Dancers Shape Did you know you were working your plie', tendu, releve' and echappe' in the Advanced Class? You are a dancer after all!


THIS. --- Being a hip hop dancer and learning new styles kind of looks like this. Many Spartanaires have to learn different dance styles so that could be a great story.

I'd wear these, and I'm a converse-only kinda girl. The things I do for pretty colors. *sigh*

I dreamed of being a ballerina when I was a little girl. These would've been my toe shoes.