Beautifully Hand-Painted Shakyamuni Buddha In Gold Style About Our Thangka A beautifully hand-painted Shakyamuni Buddha in gold style is a striking portrayal of spiritual reverence and artistic craftsmanship, capturing the Buddha's serene presence and enlightenment. Seated in the lotus position, with one hand touching the earth in the Bhumisparsha mudra, his face radiates tranquility and wisdom. The use of gold adds divine radiance, symbolizing the eternal nature of his teachings, while intricate details and delicate brushwork enhance the sacredness of the artwork. Each carefully executed brushstroke reflects the artist's dedication, inviting viewers to contemplate the teachings of compassion and enlightenment embodied by the Buddha. Introduction To The Thangka : All philosophies commemora Nature, Hand Touching, Dharma Wheel, Shakyamuni Buddha, Rituals Set, Maitreya Buddha, Thangka Painting, Wheel Of Life, Buddhist Monk