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Bruce and Clark - What's Up? by Harseik on @DeviantArt

Bruce and Clark - What's Up? by Harseik on deviantART Suit up, lol

No More Ocean View by Harseik on deviantART. "Justice. The way it's carried out in corporate America. Sometimes I like to believe that DC Comics' rich people invest gross amounts of money into trolling each other. Maybe Tedd, Oliver, and Bruce need to team up and torment Lex like every Thursday. It's what Luthor gets for picking on the universe's nicest guy ever." -Harseik

No More Ocean View by Harseik on deviantART I have been laughing at this for the last 10 minutes

the sweetest kiss by Bloodmilkk on DeviantArt; LMAO, poor Flash! XD

yeah, after I finished draw this picture, I realize Superman can see through ANYTHING.

Catching Jason Todd by ~CrimsonHorror  DAMIAN YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND TINY

Bat-Family (c) to DC comics. This was Dick's master plan: [link] Jason Todd loves bread very much The next part is of Damian baking he he he: [link] Catching Jason Todd

SUPERBAT by nimby0o0 on deviantART This is hilarious

SUPERBAT by on deviantART This is hilarious, I'm not into Superbat but this is too much!