Pan Am Boeing 747-121 aircraft

Pan American World Airways Boeing "Clipper Sparking Wave" on final approach to Berlin-Tempelhof, June (Photo: Peter Seemann)

Boeing 747SP-21 aircraft picture

Pan Am Boeing Named "Clipper Young America" (name originally given to 747 as Pan Am 747 built. of 5 for Pan Am, as well as built.

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Boeing 747 of Pan Am I flew in from LHR to Sea in when I emigrated to Canada

Pan Am Cargo Boeing "Clipper Bald Eagle" undergoing final pre-delivery touches at Boeing's Renton plant, July (Photo: Boeing / Pan Am Cargo)

Pan American World Airways - Pan Am N655PA Boeing 747-121(A/SF)

This aircraft is carrying a engine, which is destined for one of its sisterships. - Photo taken at Frankfurt am Main (Rhein-Main AB) (FRA / EDDF / FRF) in Germany on August

Delta Boeing 757-26D aircraft picture. Vail (EGE) Regional Airport. Colorado

Delta Air Lines Boeing operating to Atlanta, is holding short at Vail-Eagle County Regional while a company Boeing arrives as from Atlanta, January (Photo: Scott Arfin)

Pan American World Airways Boeing 747SP-21 N533PA "Clipper New Horizons" at the gate, circa late 1970s.

Pan American World Airways Boeing "Clipper New Horizons" at the gate, circa late

Boeing 737-3H9 - MAT - Macedonian Airlines (JAT - Yugoslav Airlines) | Aviation Photo #0486094 |

Photo taken at Amsterdam - Schiphol (AMS / EHAM) in Netherlands on January

Pan Am Boeing 707 -grandpa worked for them. Fond memories

Pan Am Boeing 707 - do you remember being strapped in the jump seat awaiting take-off? I do - with the sweetest memories.