a white shelf filled with lots of necklaces and flowers
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"11\" Handmade The Original White Jewelry Organizer with Shelf Wall Mount 21 Hooks"

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Has this happened to YOU?! You are heading out the door...you go to find that perfect jewelry piece to compliment your outfit, when you discover a huge ball of jewelry in a mess, all entangled within each other. You stand there contemplating on whether or not you should go without OR try to untangle it and risk running late. Believe it or not, situations such as this are AVOIDABLE with our cute and functional necklace holders! It not only keeps necklaces organized, it is a decorative piece as well...adding a splash of style to any wall, which many create their OWN UNIQUE decor. And it just keeps getting better! the top shelf depth is 2.5", so additional items such as jewelry, perfumes and colognes, picture frames, etc. can also be displayed. You get the picture! Our necklace holders also come complete with hanging hardware, so in this busy world today, that is one less thing to worry about. And who doesn't love FAST shipping?! Order yours today and let your creativity glow! we use to have Black forest cottage on etsy and made thousands of hangers. we are the original makers of these type display. Items pictured with necklace holder are not included. Measurements: 11" L x 2.5" W x 2.25" H white with silver hooks
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