a large black vintage chest is used as a home bar, and everything necessary is inside it

candles by thedecorista

This staircase is more elaborate but the candlestick idea could be used in our ceremony since we won't likely be using the stairs. (Be ever so careful, such a fire hazard if you use real candles)

De su mirada largamente verde  la luz caía como un agua seca,  en transparentes y profundos círculos  de fresca fuerza.

beautiful book clasp >> Pinned from abetrix board 'books-y-libros', has lovely images for books and literature boards.

The Cottage Market: 25 Ways to Decorate with Natural Elements

Decorating with Natural Elements 25 Different Ways

The Cottage Market: 25 Ways to Decorate with Natural Elements I like the idea of mason jars / tall glasses filled with rocks, almonds, coffee beans, candles and flowers on top of the dinning room side table. Can use a small tray to keep them contained


This looks like a cake stand, or for outdoors: Use an old birdbath or large urn, fill with sand and add candles of different sizes and diameter for a nice effect.

⚜️Luna de Antiguedades⚜️

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Candles were made for love

The glow of the candelabra is beautiful & serene, as its simplistic beauty is reflected in the mirror!