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Quotes Of The Day - 11 Pics

And not when you receive a half assed apology and he threw in one last low blow for good measure to stay consistent with hurting you

Treat me like I'm dead...words that still shock me to this day. I do and still get solely blamed. 50:50 will never exist for you

RL and in friendship where we could have live chatted. Sad that I was not good enough. But you should know that I love you anyway from a distance -always. Even if love is one sided only. Wish you well in your life. take care dear one.


she became silent. there were no longer any words to describe the absence of emotion within her heart. she went from arguing to being upset, now feeling nothing at all. she became silent because you were no longer worth fighting for.

Keep it moving!

Never.absolutely never. That terrible awful abusive house of crazy will never be my home. It took a minute, but I'm finally content with that.